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Relationshipbetween Christ & Men

BibleRelationshipbetween Christ & Men

Relationshipbetween Christ Men CLEAVINGTO CHRIST. Acts 11: 23. The following seven wayswill indicate how we can cleave to Christ:-- Ⅰ . By prayerfuldependence upon Him (Phil. 4: 6). Ⅱ . Bybeing tau...

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HisLove HISLOVE. Ⅰ . Fellowship of His love. Abram’s love for Isaac (Gen.22:2). Ⅱ . Delight of His love. Isaac’s love for Rebekah (Gen.24:67). Ⅲ . Desire of His love. Isaac’s love for Esau’...

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Perfection& Preciousness of Christ

BiblePerfection& Preciousness of Christ

Perfection Preciousness of Christ CHRIST,sinlessness of As the Union PacificRailroad was being constructed, an elaborate trestle bridge was built across alarge canyon in the West. Wanting to test the b...

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WhatChrist Has

BibleWhatChrist Has

WhatChrist Has RICHES INCHRIST I have now disposedof all my property to my family. There is one thing more I wish I could givethem and that is faith in Jesus Christ. If they had that and I had not give...

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HisAuthority & Power

BibleHisAuthority & Power

HisAuthority Power AUTHORITYOF CHRIST. Ⅰ . Christ has authority overall flesh ( John 17: 2,R.V.). Ⅱ . Christ has all authoritygiven to Him in heaven and earth (Matt. 28: 18,R.V.). Ⅲ . Christ had ...

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HisVictory CHRIST,victory of Theologians tell a storyto illustrate how Christ's triumph presently benefits our lives: Imagine a cityunder siege. The enemy that surrounds they city will not let anyone o...

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Ministriesof Christ

BibleMinistriesof Christ

Ministriesof Christ Propitiationvs. Expiation The difference between propitiation and expiation is not always easy tounderstand, even though we all experience it. Considerthe case of a certain factory ...

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Resurrectionof Christ

BibleResurrectionof Christ

Resurrectionof Christ RESURRECTION As Vice President, George Bushrepresented the U.S. at the funeral of former Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev.Bush was deeply moved by a silent protest carried out by Bre...

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HisCrucifixion CHRIST, death of I read about a small boywho was consistently late coming home from school. His parents warned him oneday that he must be home on time that afternoon, but nevertheless he...

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HisCharacters CHRISTIN A SEVENFOLD CHARACTER. Christ is seenin seven characters in Luke 2: 25-34. Ⅰ . Consolation of Israel (verse 25). Christ in this character is One who is alongside to encourage a...

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