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Christian missionary articles 2010-05-23 21:11 2 Corinthians 3:3 You are obviously the letter of Christ, made by us. It is not written in ink, but written in the spirit of the living God. Not written on the slate, but written on the heart....

Christian missionary articles

2010-05-23 21:11 2 Corinthians 3:3 You are obviously the letter of Christ, made by us. It is not written in ink, but written in the spirit of the living God. Not written on the slate, but written on the heart. 1 Corinthians 4:9 I think that God has listed our apostles clearly in the end, as if they were prisoners of death. Because we have become a play, to the world and angels to watch.       When we believe in the Lord, the time we have to live is not the same as before. Today's time belongs to the Lord. When the Lord returns, we have to pay the bill to see how we have used the time given by the Lord. Time, including our personal life and work, etc., also includes our spiritual responsibility and work. 1. We are a letter from Christ      A letter refers to the life and work of an individual. When do you need to communicate? It is when the two sides are separated. God is a spirit, holy, the world is a sinner, a flesh, so people cannot see the true God. We are the letter of Christ, it is a letter of introduction. Introduce God's grace and love, and introduce God's mind and character in detail. Our every move is related to the glory of the Father. 1. As a letter, we must express Christ precisely. Therefore, we cannot express ourselves or express ourselves according to our own meaning. It is to be expressed in accordance with God's will, the standard of God, and only by the Lord can be accurately expressed. Therefore, we must tear down the old man and ask the Lord to establish a new new me who belongs to the Lord. 2. As a letter, we must not only let the world know God, but also let the world accept God. We are the salt of the world, and we must reconcile the good taste with salt. We are the light of the world, to illuminate the small places around. It can't be hidden underneath, but it should be revealed to the world and positively affect the surrounding. Therefore, we are not people who follow the tide, not people without principles, not those who dare not speak. We believe in God, not superstition, so don't hide it and don't be afraid. In the face of the world, it does not match the truth.Where we are, we must be brave enough to uphold the Lord’s command and adhere to the Father’s commandments. We are both a WTO and a super-world! We must be the beacon of truth, and let not the light go out in this world. 3. As a letter to Christ, let the world see the Lord through us.       In special times, the letter is very important. When fighting, the family book arrived in Wanjin. In this last time, spiritual warfare is more urgent. Externally, we must use the Father’s great love and the warmth of the heavens to attract the prodigal call. Internally, we are a love letter, full of the Lord's love, and the brothers and sisters of the Lord must be one to love each other.        At the end of the letter, there is always a blessing to comfort. In Emanuel, God is with us. This is comfort and blessing, but it is also our warning, because God is with us, and everything is in the eyes of the Father. We must be vigilant and behave as a comfort and blessing to others.       Letters are written to others, not for themselves. All our work is for others, not for ourselves, for others to receive the grace of God and to receive blessings. Second, we are a drama      Each of us is a letter, together it is a play. Our theme is the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible is the script and God is the director. It is to be done according to the words of the Bible, the requirements and instructions of God, and to reveal the image of God. I can't do anything according to my own meaning. We must tear down our old self and listen to the arrangements and instructions of the Lord.       We want to play a show for the angels and the world. There are negative characters in the Bible. We must take the precepts and not repeat them. We want to play a positive and positive role, like Maria, so gentle, concentrate on loving the Lord and respecting the Lord. We can't do what we can't do, but we can rely on the Lord to play.       When we perform, the devil is also spying on us, looking for our nephew, ready to sue us. therefore weBe attentive, work diligently, and keep growing. Don't forget the words, forget the action, and play the show. Sometimes we work together in the Lord, there are disputes, shackles, party distribution, etc., all of which smash our play. Therefore, we can't play the old self, but become a new person, and we must all follow the new people. It is necessary to honor the Lord and be full of the image of Jesus Christ.       When the Lord returns, the show ends. When the world is judged, we will pay before the Christ, to see if we have owed the glory of the Lord, and have faithfully completed the trust of the Lord. TOP

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