2010.5.28 Psalm 31, 1-18Sermon

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Christian missionary articles 2010-05-28 13:24 Dandelion in the wind:21:08 Li Wei, Amen dandelion in the wind:21:08 for a long time, Amen for a long time:21:08 Li Wei Dandelion in the wind, Amen look forward to tomorrow:21:08 I am more plus...

Christian missionary articles

2010-05-28 13:24 Dandelion in the wind : 21:08 Li Wei, Amen
dandelion in the wind : 21:08 for a long time, Amen
for a long time : 21:08 Li Wei Dandelion in the wind, Amen
look forward to tomorrow : 21:08 I am more plus, for a long time, Li Wei, dandelion in the wind, Amen!
Li Wei : 21:09 Our Father in Heaven
May the people honor the Father's name as the Holy Father
May the Father's kingdom come
The Father's will is on the ground
If the peers are in the sky
our daily diet
is given to us today
free of our debt
as we forgive people's debt
does not let us meet temptation
save us from Ferocious
because the kingdom, authority, and glory are all fathers
until forever
dandelion in the wind : 21:09 Amen
I am more plus :  21:09 We can only have spiritual life and the presence of the Lord, and we can have spiritual power and authority. Otherwise, we will fight against the devil by the power of the flesh. The result is only failure. To obey the authority of Jesus Christ, Amen
I am more than  : 21:09 Amen
Li Wei : 21:09 Amen
for a long time : 21:09 Amen
Li Wei : 21:09 I am Doka, Amen
visitors 0re7 : 21:09 Amen!
Looking forward to tomorrow : 21:09 Amen!
久久 : 21:10 Amen! Let us regain the original faith and love in the Lord God.
Looking forward to tomorrow : 21:11 God is with everyone
It is more than  : 21:11 welcome everyone to my apartment, I intend to put all the readings on it. I will share with you and hope that the Lord will prepare for
Looking forward to tomorrow : 21:11[123 ]李岚 : 21:11 Amen
I am more than : 21:11
李岚 : 21 :11 Looking forward to tomorrow,
Emanuel for a long time : 21:11
visitors 0re7 : 21:11 everyone
[ 123], Jesus loves you! I love you too! I am more than : 21:12 Li Wei,
Jesus loves you and we all love you dandelion in the wind : 21:12 I am more than, Ok, I hope to see the sister's sharing, huh, huh I am more than  : 21:12 meet again tomorrow
dandelion in the wind : 李岚 : 21 :12I am Doka,

Emanuel Li Wei : 21:12 dandelion in the wind,
Emanuel I am Doka  : 21:12 dandelion in the wind,
intercession with each other Li Wei : 21:13 for a long time,
Emmanuel Dandelion in the wind : 21:13 I am Doka, En
Dandelion in the wind : 21:14For a long time,
李岚 : 21:16 visitors 0re7,
Emanuel I am more than : 21:35 Li Wei , the discussion area can not go in I am more than  : 21:35 Li Wei, don't be dazed haha ​​
I am more than  : 21:36 Why your state is a daze, it is fun Oh
馝饶 : 21:45

Amen. 馝饶 : 21:46
Visitor 0t6b : 21:58 How can I not get Emanuel? Visitor 0t6b : 22:02 Hello, I am Su Lianghai, I don’t know how, I can’t get my space in Emmanuel
Visitor_0yc5 : 22:28Pray for the Father The Holy Spirit of the Son protects us, the salvation of our Lord, and the Lord, Jesus Christ who suffers and dies for our sins. Pray and pray to our Savior. We will always follow you and trust you. To all glory to you, we also get peace and joy in the Lord! Hallelujah! Amen!
Yan Fang : 22:32 There is a problem in the work today
Yan Fang : 22:32 pressure is particularly large
Yan Fang : 22:32 How to pray
Visitor_0yc5 : 22:39 We must all pray with a sincere heart, and the Bible says that we must love the Lord our God with all our heart and soul.
Visitor_0yc5 : 22:41 Brothers and sisters, how are you. Thank you Lord, I can speak here.
Visitors 0h88 : 23:38 Community migration has not completely ended, please wait a second! :)
梁海婷 : 11:54

Ann_An : 12:07 Psalm 31:1 (David's poems, and the captains.) O Lord, I trust you, and you will make me never be ashamed, and save me by your righteousness. Psalm 31:2 Listen to your ears, save me quickly, be my strong rock, and save my protection.
Psalm 31:3 Because you are my rock, my cottage. So please guide me for your sake, and point me.
Psalm 31:4 Help me to save me from the snares that man has made for me. Because you are my guarantee.
Psalm 31:5 I will give my soul to you. You are redeemed by the Lord, the Lord God.
Psalm 31:6 I hate those who believe in the vain God. I trust in the Lord.
Psalm 31:7 I will rejoice in your love. Because you have seen my hardships and know the hardships in my heart.
Psalm 31:8 You have not given me to the enemy. You make my feet stand in a wide area.
Psa 31:9 O Lord, be merciful to me, for I am in trouble. My eyes are dry because of sorrow, and even my body and mind are not comfortable.
Psalm 31:10 My life is consumed by sorrow. My age is decadent for sighs. My strength is ruined by my sins. My bones are also withered.
安_安 : 12:07 Psalm 31:11 I became humiliated by all enemies, even more in front of my neighbors. Those who know me are afraid of me. Seeing me outside is hiding from me.
Psalm 31:12 I am forgotten, like a dead man, no one remembers. I am like a broken vessel.
Psalm 31:13 I have heard many people's jealousy, and all around are scared. When they discussed the attack on me, they plotted to kill my life.
Psa 31:14 I still trust in you, O LORD. I said, you are my god.
Psalm 31:15 My life is in your hands. Please save me from the hand of the enemy, and those who persecute me.
Psalm 31:16 Let your face shine upon your servant, and save me by your love.
I am more than  : 12:18 Ann_A, Good afternoon.
I am more than  : 12:19 Li Wei, Wu An
Li Wei : 12:19安_安, I am more than,

馝饶 : 12:21
I am more plus :  12:22馝饶,
I am more than : 12:24 Are you eating? Do you need me to do it? I am going to be a reception, greet everyone, okay? I am more than  : 12:25 Lu Qiul, Xiang Xiang, Chen Shuchao, visitor 0qde, Good afternoon,

Xiangxiang : 12:25 Good afternoon! Fragrant incense  : 12:26 Yesterday, was the webpage closed?
I am more than : 12:26 I was unable to move in the first two days
I am more than : 12:27 seems to have recovered today
Xiangxiang :  12:27 Oh, this is the case
Ann_An : 12:28 Oh, parents are safe. . I just had dinner back~~
I am more than : 12:28 Huijun,

I am more plus : 12:28 Xiaoxi, [123 ]
慧君 : 12:29馝饶, 李岚, 馝饶, 香香, 安_安, I am Doka, Xiaoxi,
I am多加 : 12:29 Haha, I volunteered to be the receptionist, haha小溪 : 12:29 everyone, good afternoon

安_安  : 12:29 I am more than, huh, huh. . It’s good. . In God's home we are all supposed to do Ann_安 : 12:30 Huijun, Xiaoxi,

慧君 : 12:30 I am more plus, more plus, welcome, huh, huh, but to the time of the host, the color of the font should be changed, the host can see clearly with red, the amount of huh I It is more than  : 12:30 Thank you for your encouragement, I am empty, everyone can eat
Mingxia : 12:30Psa 31:1 Lord! I trust in you; please make me never be ashamed, and save me by your righteousness. Psa 31:2 Listen to your ears, save me quickly, be my strong rock, and save my protection.
Psa 31:3 Because you are my rock, my cottage, so for your sake, guide me and point me.
Psa 31:4 Save me from the snares that man has made for me, because you are my protection.
Psa 31:5 I will give my soul to you. Jehovah's honest God! You redeemed me.
Psa 31:6 I hate those who believe in the vain God, but I trust in the Lord.
Psa 31:7 I will rejoice in your love, for you have seen my troubles and know the difficulties in my heart.
Psa 31:8 You have not given me into the hands of the enemy, and you have made my feet stand in a wide place.
Psa 31:9 O Lord! Please pity me, because I am in distress; my eyes are dry because of sorrow, and even my body and mind are not comfortable.
Psa 31:10 My life is consumed by sorrow, my age is sighed by sighs, my strength is ruined by my sins, and my bones are withered.
Psa 31:11 I have become humiliated by all enemies, and even more in front of my neighbors; those who know me are afraid of me, and all who see me outside avoid me.
Psa 31:12 I am forgotten, like a dead, no one
Li Wei : 12:30Thank you for the spiritual food of the baby that the Lord has prepared for us. Thank the Lord for giving us time to learn from you. The words thank the Lord for preparing us such a beautiful environment. We are willing to bring all the glory to your Lord. Please lead us quietly. Our hearts are in your Lord. You are my rock, myCopycat. So please lead us for your sake, and point us. Our lifelong things are in your hands, we rely on you, and relying on you will not be ashamed, and we all want to be all of us who are empty and full of your own self and bless our community to make more People here are helped to share each other and pray for the Lord in the name of the Lord! !
Li Wei : 12:30 Amen
Ann_An : 12:30 Li Wei, Amen!
I am more than  : 12:30 Amen!
小溪 : 12:31 Li Wei, Ming Xia,
Mingxia : 12:31Psa 31:13 I heard many people’s jealousy, all around It was fright; when they discussed and attacked me, they tried to kill my life.
Psa 31:14 O Lord! I still rely on you. I said, "You are my God."
Psa 31:15 My life is in your hands, and save me from the hand of the enemy and those who persecute me.
Psa 31:16 Let your face shine upon your servant, and save me by your love.
Dandelion in the Wind : 12:31 Li Wei, Amen
An_An : 12:31Thank you and Mingxia sister, ask God to bless two sisters
Mingxia : 12:31Thank the Lord
Li Wei : 12:31 Thanks to the Lord, thank you An An

Huijun : 12:31 Mingxia, Li Wei, thanks! Amen!
Mingxia : 12:31 was originally here

安_安 : 12:31
Huijun : 12:32 Let's first look at today's icebreaking problem, huh, huh
Huijun : 12:32 Question: Recently many young studentsLoss of life is helpless, maybe when will there be a crisis in the crowd, what do you think about such an event that people cannot control? ! ~李岚 : 12:32Thanks to the Lord
Xiaoxi : 12:33 Huijun, did not want to understand, has been praying for God to bless China's Xiaoxi  : 12:34 Later, I heard the pastor prove that the world is in the hands of the devil
Li Wei : 12:34 Huijun, only relying on the Lord will have a real peace person can not know the next The second thing to happen is all in the hands of God
I am more than  : 12:341, pray for them 2, will the Lord prepare, let more people know the Lord to get the security of peace 3, see When the Lord came again, Satan went crazy. We must be more alert.
小溪 : 12:34 I am Doka, yes
Mingxia : 12:34 I will ask the Lord to give me wisdom to comfort him and pray for him [123 ] 安_安 : 12:34Answer the question: The first thing that comes to mind is that the days of the Lord are near, and the second is to see the importance of saving the soul. Don't think that the days of God will be delayed, don't think that the family members at home have time. . These things are showing that the coming of the Lord is near, just in front of us, we must be careful and watchful and pray.

慧君 : 12:35 I am more than, add more fonts to black, huh, huh

host with red is
Li Wei : 12 :35I am Doka, Xiaoxi, Mingxia, An_an, Amen An_An : 12:35 I am more, huh, huh, very clear. . Thank God I am more than  : 12:35 Xiaoxi, so the world's many disasters are certain. But we have positive peace in the Lord Kun Kun : 12:35

I am more than : 12:35

慧君 : 12:35I am Doka,
I am more than : 12:35 changed 李岚  ;: 12:35 Kun Kun,
Mingxia : 12:36 I am more than, thank the Lord
安_安 :  12:36李岚,
pro~李岚 : 12:36安_安,
I am more plus :  12:36 Huijun, I am not a red
An_安 : 12:36 I am more than,

慧君 : 12:37Yes The world will gradually be abolished. One day there will be no physical things. We can't predict what will happen in the next second, but we always have to do our part here Xiaoxi : 12 : 372 hosts, 2 colors dandelions in the wind : 12:37 Huijun, Amen
Li Wei : 12:37 Huijun, En Amen Ann _安 : 12:37 Huijun, Amen!

Hui Jun : 12:37 Scripture Background: This poem was written by David. Maybe he wrote it because of his experience in escaping Saul (see Sam. 23). 26). Although David suffered, he still devoted himself to the Lord and looked to the Lord. There are eleven "seeking" words in this poem. It can be seen that David is conscious and incompetent. He knows that the only proper way is to fully entrust the Lord, look to the Lord, and trust the Lord.
The poet advised the poor man to be ashamed and wise, and to be strong, because he is his refuge and saves them from the scheme of man. This truth is that he designed to murder him in the enemy's design, and he learned his enlightenment in the hands of the Lord.
I am more than  : 12:37 people’s dutyIt is the fear of God
Mingxia : 12:37 Huijun, um, thank the Lord Xiaoxi : 12:38 Huijun, Amen
I am more than : 12: 38 David is humble. He is not complaining, but a humble request.
安_安 : 12:38 Huijun, thank the Lord! At the end of man, God starts. . The important thing is that we also have to learn to let go of ourselves and return the sovereignty to God

Huijun : 12:38 Ann_an, I am more plus, very beautiful to see 噢
李岚  : 12:38 Returning sovereignty to God Amen

Huijun : 12:39 Scripture observation question: How does Jehovah rescue us by righteousness? ~Visitors 0772 : 12:39I sweat, I am a visitor
Zuo Rong : 12:39 visitors

安_安 :  12:39 visitors 0772, huh, welcome~
I am more than : 12:39 visitors 0772, welcome
brook : 12:39 visitors 0772, Qi Qi
Visitor 0s72 : 12:39 Qiqi. . .
安_安 : 12:39 Let's see the problem together. . Visitor 0s72 : 12:39 Khan, you know it is me brook : 12:40 How did Qiqi become a visitor
Zuo Rong : 12: 40 Qiqi

Li Wei : 12:40 Psalm 31:3 Because you are my rock, my cottage. So please guide me for your sake, and point me.
Psalm 31:4 Help me to save me from the snares that man has made for me. becauseYou are my guarantee. 小溪 : 12:40 When you show your head, you know that it is Qiqi I am more than : 12:40 Don't treat evil with evil, don't retaliate, wait for God, be patient
左容 : 12:40岚姐阿们
李岚 : 12:40 visitor 0s72, Khan····is known as Qi Qi
Li Wei  : 12:40Haha
李岚 : 12:40左容,

安_安 : 12:41 Li Wei, um. . I think there is a point in the first quarter. When David asks God to save him by righteousness, he first says, "I trust you." . This sentence is a bright spot. When we ask God, do we trust him?
Li Wei : 12:42 En is Huijun : 12:42 Ann_An, En, yes, in fact, 1-8 are asking for God In it, I also saw David willing to give his soul to God, and rely on God
Qi Qi : 12:42 Thanks to the Lord, I am back
Zuo Rong :  ;12:43 The Lord is our God can't rely on him Satan to attack us. When we are with God, Satan can't attack us.
Qi Qi : 12:43 When the morning is spiritual, read To today's verse, I began to cry Qi Qi : 12:43 while wiping my tears while asking God to keep me

Huijun : 12:43 no matter what Encountering everything believes in God's love, and is happy and happy for God's love, because he has faith to believe that God knows the difficulty in his heart
Ann_An : 12:43 Huijun, Amen!
小溪 : 12:44 Anyone who relies on, entrusts, and does not pray, God gives us the weapon to resist the devil
Huijun : 12:44 Chi Qi, 7~8 verses, give it to you, the original is your comfort
Zuo Rong : 12:44 to resist the devil, he will leave you

Huijun : 12:44Next question: Question: Don't rely on God, don't discard sin, what is our end? ! ~

安_安 : 12:44 Chi Qi, Hug ~~ God is our strength, is our help at any time Xiaoxi : 12 :45慧君, 死明霞 : 12:45 Amen I am more than : 12:4531 Chapter 10 My strength is ruined by my sin, my bones are also Withered. David also saw his sin. Sometimes when people ask for God, especially when they are wronged, they always say that others are wrong and they don’t see their own mistakes. It is like complaining to God. But David saw his sin. He felt that he was so weak, so helpless, then he needed God! He is a real request, not a god.
左容 : 12:45 Keeping away from God will make us have no peace of mind and often do things wrong
Xiaoxi : 12:46 answer the question: don't rely on God, don't ask for its sin, The end is extinct
I am more than  : 12:47 answer the question, it is labor trouble, no peace
An_an : 12:47 I am Doka, Xiaoxi, er . . With reference to the scriptures, this is an observational problem.

Huijun : 12:47 Xiaoxi, Zuo Rong, I am more than Jia, yes, if we don’t trust God, our lives will be bitter The consumption is old, the sigh is decadent, and the power is also ruined by sin
Xiangxiang : 12:48 Huijun, Amen
An_An : 12:48Reference 9-13 Section
dandelion in the wind : 12:48 I am more than,

An_安 : 12:48 Huijun, yes
I am more than : 12:49 dandelion in the wind,
dandelion in the wind  ;: 12:49 I am more than Jia, praise you to share well
Qi Qi : 12:50 does not rely on God, do not discard the end of sin is endless sorrow, despair I am More plus : 12:50 Thanks to the Lord. I read the scriptures, prayed silently, and then distributed the experience to share. Thank you Lord.
慧君 : 12:50 Chi Qi, yeah, forgotten, no one remembers, huh, huh
Ann_an : 12:50 I am more, huh, Thanks to the Lord
Li Wei : 12:50 Thanks to the Lord
Mingxia : 12:50Psa 31:9 Lord! Please pity me, because I am in distress; my eyes are dry because of sorrow, and even my body and mind are not comfortable. Psa 31:10 My life is consumed by sorrow, my age is sighed by sighs, my strength is ruined by my sins, and my bones are withered.
Psa 31:11 I have become humiliated by all enemies, and even more in front of my neighbors; those who know me are afraid of me, and all who see me outside avoid me.
Psa 31:12 I have been forgotten, like a dead man, no one remembers; I am like a broken vessel.
Psa 31:13 I heard many people's jealousy, and they were scared around them; when they discussed and attacked me, they plotted to kill my life.

Hui Jun : 12:51 Let's look at the interpretative question: What kind of person does the person who believes in the god of nothingness? ~~

Mingxia : 12:51 Huijun, the idolater is not Qiqi : 12:51 I think it is idolatry ] I am more than  : 12:52 answerQuestion: I think people who rely on gift giving in the world today, those who rely on relationships, and those who worship the devil Xiangxiang : 12:52 The god of nothingness is not originally created by the human hand.
Dandelion in the Wind : 12:52 Mingxia, Yes
Li Wei : 12:52 People who don’t know Jehovah do not believe in Jesus
Zuo Rong  ;: 12:52 idolatry to serve false gods. Everyone who does not believe in the Lord God is a person who serves the vain God.
Lin Yujing : 12:52 Those who resist God, deliberately do not know God. The heart is full of pride, and people who welcome their own desires

Hui Jun : 12:52 When we still don't believe in the Lord, we have a lot of desires in our hearts
An_安 :  12:53 Oh. . Everyone said it was right. . Such people are still self-righteous people. They instead regard the truth as a fool, but the fact that they do not know God's talents is ignorant.
The dandelion in the wind : 12:53 Lin Yujing, Yes, well said.
Hui Jun : 12:53 Think about our past, it is the same as them
Xiangxiang : 12:53 Lin Yujing, yes, these people themselves Is his idol
Mingxia : 12:53 Yes
I am more than : 12:53 The god of nothingness is an idol, and all who replace God in the human heart are idols. In this way, those who rely on their own ability to be smart, rely on the relationship, rely on the gift of money, Xiaoxi : 12:53 Lin Yujing,

[ 123]Hui Jun : 12:53 People always need to rely on others. If people refuse to confess their sins and trust him, he will make idols for themselves or create gods in fantasy. This is called "stupidity." Some people regard their own money, their own beauty, their wisdom, as their own god.
Li Wei & nbSp;: 12:53 Yes, there is no such thing as human beings. God is merciful to us Zuo Rong : 12:53 The past has become history, regret for the past, and will be alert for the future [ 123]馝饶 : 12:54

慧君 : 12:54 Zuo Rong, Amen! Huijun : 12:54 Next question: What does David mean when I have a lifetime? ~ 左容 : 12:55 We are not living in the past, God is not pursuing our past, but God sees if we are coming close to him Qi Qi : 12:55 David said The phrase "I have a lifelong thing in your hands" is to express his beliefs. David believes that everything in life is in the hands of God. We must know that God is loving and caring for us. It is God that gives us a steady confidence in whatever environment we are in. This can keep us from committing crimes without confusing, not dealing with things at will or ignoring God's timetable.
Qi Qi : 12:55[From the Spiritual Bible] Li Wei : 12:55 Chi Qi, Amen
Zuo Rong : 12: 56 Qiqi Amen Lin Yujing : 12:56 Chi Qi, Amen
Qi Qi : 12:56 He said that everything is in your hands, yours Mastery
I am more than  : 12:56

Xiaoxi : 12:56 Chi Qi, thank you
dandelion in the wind :  ;12:56 What is the verse in life?

慧君 : 12:56 Chi Qi, Amen! The life and death and destiny of only one person, no matter what the situation is, everything in the future is in the hands of God's love.. I am more plus :&nBsp;12:5615 Qi Qi : 12:56 Please come to the full power, and remove all the worldly carnal lusts in me, and ask your spirit to come to power in me.
Zuo Rong : 12:57 My life is in your hands, whatever it is from God. We rely on the Lord God with a heart of obedience.
I am more than :  12:5731 Chapter 15
Dandelion in the Wind : 12:57 I am Doka, oh, thank you Xiaoxi : 12:57 Please come to the full power, please All the worldly possessions of the fleshly lusts are removed, and your spirit is coming to me to take full control.
Ask God for the urgency.

Hui Jun : 12:57 Today's application Sexual issues: How do you plan to wait for God in your daily life? ! ~~

Mingxia : 12:58Psa 31:15 My life is in your hands, save me from the hand of the enemy and those who persecute me.
Qi Qi : 12:58 Huijun, combined with my own problems, my understanding today is not to make any useless excuses for myself, only to wait for Him silently before God, if it is out of Him, He Himself Will be accomplished, otherwise any effort will be in vain
Zuo Rong : 12:59 No matter what, use prayer to seek God's will to ask God to obey God and not act according to his own preferences Qi Qi  : 12:59 Rong Rong said that my tears are worthless, huh, huh, crying is useless, just venting Mingxia : 12:59 Yes, the Lord is our lifelong Everything is in your hands, ask the Lord to lead us, whether it is the mountain or the trough, I believe it will be the beauty of the Lord Lin Yujing : 12:59 agree with Qi Qi, the statement.[ 123]刘萍贾茹毓 : 13:00 Amen
Xiangxiang : 13:00Keeping faith, persevering, until the Lord's return
Li Wei : 13:00 Remember that all my life is in the hands of God, God is in charge, so ask God to give me a reliance on his heart. The difficulty facing the fear is to face each day with a grateful heart
Mingxia : 13:00 Li Wei, Xiang Xiang, Qi Qi, Zuo Rong, thank the Lord! Amen
Wang Guixia : 13:00 Li Wei, Amen
Lin Yujing : 13:00 Amen
Zuo Rong : 13:00 We use one Humility and obedience rely on God's heart to do God's heart
dandelion in the wind : 13:00 Mingxia, Li Wei, Amen
Qiqi : 13:00 Everyone Amen
Zuo Rong : 13:01 We often get close to God and Satan can't attack us
馝饶 : 13:01 Amen.

Mingxia : 13:02 Zuo Rong, thank the Lord! Waiting for the Lord with obedience, doing things, now is no longer me, but Christ is living in me

Huijun : 13:02 Chi Qi, God's heart is soft, I have already counted our hair, how can I look down on your tears?
Qi Qi : 13:02 Thank you, Rong Rong
Hui Jun : 13:02 It’s just that we have too much residue to be refined Xiaoxi : 13:02 Huijun, Amen
Li Wei : 13:02 Huijun, Amen
Wang Guixia :  13:02 Huijun, yes, Amen
Huijun : 13:02 God is patiently waiting for us, we should also trust his time and every arrangement
Qi Qi  : 13:02 Huijun, yes, ask the LordClear all that is not in Him, and ask Him to mold me Zuo Rong : 13:02 The heart of sorrow and contrite will not despise
Mingxia : 13:02 Amen
Qi Qi : 13:02 Clear
Xiaoxi : 13:03 Every drop of tears is given to Qi Qi
Li Wei : 13 :03 is a trial after the trial will be like fine gold refueling ~~
Huijun : 13:03 um, summary:
Our life is in the hands of God, our souls are conservative.
Xiangxiang : 13:03 Yesterday I received an email from the main body of my body. After reading it, I was very touched. I am here to share it with everyone.
林俞静 : 13:03 En

慧君 : 13:03香香, you can reach the forum
李岚 : 13: 03 Huijun, Amen I am Douga : 13:031, learn David from this passage, humble and ask God, encounter persecution, do not blame, blame, and ask God with all my heart. 2, learn David, humble people, do not retaliate, do not pursue, do not justify. Ask God to solve the rescue instead of asking God to punish the other. 3. Learn David's faith from this passage. The desperate situation of man is not permanent, nor can it be changed. Ask the Lord to look to God for help. There is God's love waiting at the end of man. Do not look at the environment, do not look at man-made, see the power of God with the eyes of faith. 4. Learn the wisdom of David and see the relationship between yourself and God, yourself and the world so clearly and accurately. Ask the Lord to give us this wisdom. 5. Learn David's fear of God. In verse 6, I hate those who believe in the vain God, but I rely on the Lord. We must learn from David to fear God and concentrate on him.

慧君 : 13:03 Let's end the prayer together

香香 : 13:03好
明霞 : 13:03 Xiangxiang, passed to the community to share it
Zuo Rong : 13:03 I said that Qi Qi’s tears are worthless. I don’t want Qi Qi to cry every time.刚强
小溪 : 13:04左容, 明霞 : 13:04左容, Amen
馝饶 :  ;13:05

慧君 : 13:05左容, 嗯馝饶 : 13:05

馝饶 : 13: [[][[]] Remember your love
dandelion in the wind : 13:07 I am more, summed up very well, thank the Lord Lin Yujing : 13:08 my god, today Let me see that defending your trust in your own, I am ashamed, you know what I am, a weak person, a person who likes to take his own ideas. But today I let myself see that I am so sad. Man, my lord, please let me learn the trustworthiness of David. Like him, stay away from the vain people, give me your lifelong things, and concentrate on you. Love you. The main name is Amen
Li Wei : 13:08 Lin Yujing, Amen dandelion in the wind : 13:08 Lin Yujing, Amen An_an  : 13:08 Lin Yujing, Amen!
左容 : 13:08 Lord, please come and lead us to learn your precious words. Thank the Lord for asking you to heal the cancer of Liu Yuelan's sister. Let her rely on the Lord to let her get your heavenly Consolation Lord, please come to the original Shuqin to let her know how to spread your Gospel Lord to the family.The Son delivers every brother and sister to the Lord's hand and asks the Lord to bring every brother and sister to ask you to choose more people to return to the true God of eternal life. Ask the Amen in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ Stream :  13:08 Lin Yujing, Amen Li Wei : 13:09 Zuo Rong, Amen Xiaoxi : 13:09 Zuo Rong, Amen Lin Yu Jing : 13:09 Zuo Rong Amen
Qi Qi : 13:09 Father, please dilute all the filth in me, and use the blood of the Lord Jesus. Clean me, separate me as a holy, Father, I will shut up, no longer distinguish anything, Father, please comfort me with my wounded heart, please dry my tears. A father, I will entrust the spirit and frank in your hands. Please let the spirits not be absent during the growth process. Father, please bless all the work in Frank’s hands. On, Father, ask you to supply him, Father, ask you to heal the pain in the heart of Frank. Father, we look up to you, everything is out of you, Father, wish you achievements, everything Not from you, Father, please lead us through your name, Father, thank you, praise you, and strengthen your mind, beg your confidence, and be fully in power. Thank you for praising your father and praying for the name of the Lord, Amen. Li Wei : 13:09 Chi Qi, Amen Qi Qi : 13:09 everyone, Amen

Huijun : 13:09 Heavenly Father, thank you for using this passage to shock me today, so that I know that no matter how difficult it is, no matter how many questions about life, you are there, because you are the God of the Lord Shama. Lord, please make me happy to trust you wholeheartedly, because I trust you in this life, please let me have the joy and change of life because of trusting in you, I am in trouble, you still treat me, ask you to make My life has a new style, don't fall in sin. Pray in the name of the Lord Jesus!
Qi Qi : 13:10 Huijun, Amen
Li Wei : 13:10 HuiJun, Amen
Zuo Rong : 13:10 Qiqi Lin Yujing Huijun Amen
Lin Yujing : 13:10 Huijun, Qiqi, Amen
Dandelion in the wind : 13:10 Huijun, Qiqi, Zuo Rong, Amen
I am more than : 13:11 Lord, please lead us to concentrate on you in this era. Powerful. You are our high platform, our cottage, our shield, and the source of all our happiness. Our benefits are not outside of you. Nowadays, people in the society are popular and rely on money. They rely on the relationship to find the backstage. Lord, please keep us. Strengthen our confidence. Let us wholeheartedly look to the hand of the Lord's grace and concentrate on him. Lord, look after your children, and bless us in all things, with us. Because you do not treat us as our sins, but treat us according to your love and grace. Jesus Christ, let your life live on us, let us overcome Satan's temptations like you, and please the Father's joy. Our benefits are only to be obtained from you, no matter what benefits people give us or even Satan, no matter how good we are! Please give us the fear of God, let us act to live in the style of heaven, and honor the name of the Lord. It is really unworthy to pray like this, and pray for Amen in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! !
Li Wei : 13:11 I am Doka, Amen
Zuo Rong : 13:11 I am Doka Af
Lin Yujing : 13: 11I am Dogan Amen
I am more than  : 13:11 everyone's prayer, Amen!
安_安 : 13:11 I am Doka, Huijun, Qiqi, Zuo Rong, Amen!
安_安 : 13:11 Dear Lord, thank you for leading us in the time before you today, and thank you for feeding us in your own words! Lord, your words are the lamps at our feet, the light on the road, thank you for using the light of today to let us see that we should trust you completely, and give everything to the Lord our God, when we concentrate on you. whenWe believe that you will bear our full responsibility! Pray that your words will be placed on our hearts, so that we can become a source of our own, and rush to eternal life! Pray in the holy name of Jesus Christ, Amen! Zuo Rong : 13:11 Emanuel

Li Wei : 13:11 Ann_An, Amen
Lin Yujing  : 13:12Anan Amen
Dandelion in the wind : 13:12 Ann_An, I am Doka, Amen
I am more than : 13:12 Zuo Rong,

馝饶 : 13:12 I am more than,

Lin Yujing : 13:12 Zuo Rong
[123 ]李岚 : 13:12左容,

慧君 : 13:12 I am Doka, Ann_an, Qiqi, left Rong, Lin Yujing, grateful!
Fragrant incense  : 13:12 everyone Amen I am more than  : 13:12 Amen!
慧君 : 13:12 Yes, if you remember, you will also pray for Liu Jiayin’s sister, his husband died I am more than : 13:13 I I have applied for Yunfei to help me change my name 馝饶 : 13:13
Amen. I am more than  :& 13:13 Huijun, good
Xiaoxi : 13:13 Ann_An, I am Doka, Huijun, Qiqi, Amen Lin Yu Static : 13:13. Good I am more than : 13:13 changed to @多加@
馝饶 : 13:13 Amen. Lin Yujing :&&Nbsp;13:14 Doka is your real name?
I am more than : 13:14 is called by my mother
I am more plus : 13:14 is God's gift
馝饶 : 13:14@多加@

I am more plus : 13:14馝饶,
馝饶 :  13:14

慧君 : 13:15 Oops, who will help post the record? ?
Lin Yujing : 13:15 En.Thanks
I am more than : 13:15 The original name is not this, but later it is added

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