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Christian missionary articles 2010-06-26 09:52 "Your eyes should look forward, your eyes should be intuitive." (箴 4:25). Be careful with your eyes! Because people who use their eyes can benefit a lot from it and enjoy a lot of happiness....

Christian missionary articles

2010-06-26 09:52 "Your eyes should look forward, your eyes should be intuitive." (箴 4:25).

Be careful with your eyes! Because people who use their eyes can benefit a lot from it and enjoy a lot of happiness. Those who do not use their eyes can also suffer from many evils and suffer many evils.

Be careful with your eyes! Because the most shameful sin in front of God is the most sinful in front of God - fornication is mostly from the eyes.

Be careful with your eyes! Don't look at the young men and women who are frivolous. They barely exposed their arms and legs, and they wore eye-catching exotic clothes, painted white pink grease on their faces, and artificially burned their raw straight hair into various strange shapes, and made some astringent nerves on the clothes. They do this in order to evoke the compassion of the opposite sex and attract others to walk with them on the path of degeneration. They are poisonous snakes; it is inevitable that they will be bitten when they meet with them. They are traps; not far from them they will fall into danger. The first step in seduce people is to ask people to see them. Although it is not their fault to see them, but to keep yourself from this danger, it is best to be cautious and your eyes will not look at them.

Be careful with your eyes! Don't watch those sleazy movies and dances. It is really difficult to calculate how many young people are affected by the fall of their love. It’s so filthy, so shameful, the person who plays is beautiful, loves the film, and dances brightly. These sinister entertainments, if you don't look at it at first, it has little power on your body. But if you don't watch your eyes for the first time, you will inevitably look at the second time, the third time, even dozens of times, hundreds of times. Your thoughts must become filthy, and your body must be contaminated. As a result, you have to fall into the terrible deep pit, and the virtues are subject to irreparable damage.

Be careful with your eyes! Don't look at the erotic novels that corrupt people's virtues, and the tabloids that are obscenity. The people who edited those newspapers only saw that they had cheated some money, and they did not hesitate to read the readers.Morality is a sacrifice. They know that young people like to look at some records that are sensual, so they do their best to describe some things that are sensational, so as to promote the sales of their books, so they can get a lot of money. Except for those who decided to commit suicide, I have not seen anyone who used money to buy arsenic and eat it himself. But I saw many ignorant people use money to buy novels and newspapers that are more poisonous than arsenic, and they are going to watch the day and night. As a result, the mind was filled with the sinister thoughts, and the virtues fell to the point of being looked down upon. Some people perform obscene and shameless behaviors, and some people are infected with the bad habits of the thief. I have seen many young people who have been prosperous and prosperous for many years. Just because they are greedy for obscenity, they have become mentally debilitated, their bodies are weak, their morality is low, their morale is depressed, their life and happiness are buried in several filthy books. In the newspaper, what a painful thing!

Be careful with your eyes! Don't look at nude paintings that evoke human flesh. Have you seen the medicine for killing flies? The medicine paper was covered with a layer of honey, but the honey was poisoned. When the flies saw the honey on the paper, they swarmed to the top to eat. The more they ate, the more sweet they felt, until they all died on the medicine paper. Nude painting is the medicine paper of the devil murder. If you don't look at it, you will always want to see it again. When you look at it, you only feel sweet, but you don't know that its poison is hidden in its sweetness. The filthy picture is as harmful as the filthy pictorial; and sometimes even worse than the filthy book. Be cautious of your eyes, don't look at them once. When you meet these things, you should quickly turn around and go. If you have sovereignty, you should immediately put these poisons in the fire and make it instantly into ashes.

Be careful with your eyes! Do not squint. If the person or thing you are looking at is what you can see, it is bright and straight, and you turn around and see clearly. If you are afraid to turn around and see, be seen as ashamed, or not blamed, it is enough to prove that what you want to see is something you should not see. You want to see what you don't see in your heart, and I am afraid that it will be discovered by others, so you dare not turn your body and look at it with your eyes. The head is clearly facing the front, but the line of sight has turned to the left or right. It is a shameful thing to look at it and to deceive and deceive people.

Be careful with your eyes! Don't look at the people who attack God and the unbelievers in the church to write words that destroy people's faith. There are already many believers because seeing thisSome of the works that corrupted the confidence of men completely lost their faith and fell into dangerous pits. The most poisonous trick of the devil to corrupt believers is to shake their faith and make them doubt God and doubt God's words. If you know that you are weak and unable to resist, it is best to be cautious that your eyes do not look at these. Or someone said, "I am not afraid of this; I am a person of God, and God will keep me." Yes, God must keep his people. But he did not promise to keep those who tempted him. If you know that it is a dangerous pit. Someone told you to ask you to avoid, but you deliberately jumped inside, you should not call for God's help. The natural god has the power to pull people out of the deep pits. But he does not pull those who jump into the pit. Dear believers, we should beg for God to keep me, but we must not neglect our own duty - be careful of your eyes.

Be careful with your eyes! Don't pay attention to the vain money. Many believers are filled with greed because of their attention to money. Both hands go to take unjust money, and both feet ran toward the road of making a fortune. The heavier the money, the farther away from God. When I got to the end, I completely abandoned God and fell into the deep trap of the devil. Because I loved money, I committed many evils. The result is not only the loss of all the blessings that God has given, but also the infinite pains and troubles. These people have suffered such a big failure because they are paying more attention to their money, watching more people who have money how to eat good food, how to wear clothes, how to communicate, how to have fun, how to make fun of it, and how to be greedy. These dangerous pains and failures arise from greed. Do you want to avoid this danger? Be cautious about your eyes!

When the two angels brought Luo from the city of Sodom in ancient times, he said, "You can't look back." Lot's wife did not obey the warning and lost his life outside the city. . Today God is still like this to save people from the world. Are you afraid of the scourge of the wife of Lot? Be cautious about your eyes!

Many believers do not know that your eyes are cautious, have been stained, and are caught in sin. Many believers do not know how to be cautious of their own eyes, have lost faith, and have forsaken God. The car in front of the car, the car after the supervision. Dear believers, be careful with your eyes! TOP

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