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Article source and network please carefully distinguish interpretation 1 Kings 10:1-13; Matthew 2:1-18; Acts 8:26-39 "The Analects of Confucius Liren" Son: "When you hear the news, you can die!" "It is obvious that Confucius pursues the tru...

Article source and network please carefully distinguish interpretation


1 Kings 10:1-13; Matthew 2:1-18; Acts 8:26-39

"The Analects of Confucius · Liren" Son: "When you hear the news, you can die!" "It is obvious that Confucius pursues the truth urgently. Unfortunately, Confucius is looking for truth in his life, but he has not found the truth. He can only regretfully leave." We have found in the Bible some of the seekers who have longed for the truth and who have come from far away.

I. Southern Queen Shiba visits Solomon

1. Queen Sheba visits Solomon: 1 Kings 10:1 The Queen of Sheba heard the name of Solomon in the name of the Lord, and came to use it. If you are hard to understand, ask Solomon.

The Queen of Sheba in the south heard Solomon's reputation, and it was better to see it than to see it. The thirst for truth made her put down her busy work, and she would ask questions in a difficult way. Solomon, see if he is a real name. The Queen of Sheba is a man who is extremely hungry for the truth, a man of action, and an extremely humble person. Many people have heard, but they have not acted, and they have lost their blessings.

2. Solomon answered the question of Queen Sheba: 1 Kings 10:2-3 There were many people who followed her to Jerusalem, and camels with spices, gems and lots of gold. When she came to see King Solomon, she said everything to Solomon in her heart. 3 King Solomon answered all her questions, and there was no one who could not understand and could not answer.

The Queen of Sheba came to Jerusalem with many people and many gifts. When she saw King Solomon, she said Solomon's doubts in her heart, and Solomon answered according to the wisdom that God had given him. The Queen of Sheba did not understand what she could not answer. The Queen of Sheba had a taste of the transcendent wisdom of King Solomon, and she had a long-term experience, and God gave grace to the humble.

3. The Queen of Sheba praised Solomon: Kings 10:4-9 The Queen of Sheba saw Solomon's wisdom, and the palace he built, and the five seats.Delicious, the ministers sit side by side, the servants are standing on both sides, and their clothes are decorated, and the clothes of the wine administration are decorated, and see him on the steps of the temple of the Lord (or "The burnt offering he offered in the temple of the Lord") ), it is strange that God does not keep the house, 6 said to the king: "I heard what you said in your country and your wisdom is really true." 7 I didn't believe those words first, and when I came to see them, I realized that less than half of what people told me. Your wisdom and your blessings cross the wind that I have heard. 8 Blessed are the words of your courtiers, and your servants, who are standing before you to hear your wisdom. 9The Lord your God is to be praised. He is pleased with you and makes you sit in the position of Israel. Because he loves Israel forever, he will make you king and make you justice. "

When the Queen of Sheba was in her country, she only heard it. When she came to Jerusalem, she saw it with her own eyes and heard it. She was surprised to see God, and the Queen of Sheba praised Solomon’s wisdom more than she heard. Listening to it, on the one hand, glory and God. The Queen of Sheba only wanted to see the wisdom of Solomon, but God made her know the God who gave wisdom.

4. The gift given by the Queen of Sheba to Solomon: 1 Kings 10:10 So the Queen of Sheba will give him 120 gold and gems, and a lot of spices to King Solomon. She gave the king the spice, and there is no longer so much in the future.

The Queen of Sheba gave him the gift he had prepared for Solomon to show his admiration for Solomon.

5. Returning to the Queen of Sheba: 1 Kings 10:13 All the things that the Queen of Sheba wants, and King Solomon gave it to her, and feed her according to her own kindness. Then the Queen of the Sheba and her servants returned to their home country.

Solomon also gave her a gift, according to what the Queen of Sheba wanted, and gave it to her.

The Queen of Sheba's trip not only saw Solomon's wisdom, but also knew the God who gave wisdom. She got more than she thought and wanted, and she was worthwhile.

6. Jesus praised the Queen of Sheba: Matthew 12:42. When the judgment was over, the Queen of the South would rise up to sin for this generation, because she came from the end of the earth and listened to Solomon's wisdom. Behold, there is one person here who is bigger than Solomon. &rDquo;

When the Pharisees asked for a miracle from Jesus, when Jesus said that the judgment, the Queen of the South (Queen of Sheba) would rise up to sin for this generation, because she came from far away Just to listen to Solomon's wisdom. They are also told that Jesus is a greater and more wise king than Solomon.

II. Several doctors from the East came to Jerusalem to find the Holy Baby

1. Dr. came to worship the Holy Baby: Matthew 2:1-2 When Herod, Jesus was born in Jewish Bethlehem. A few doctors came to Jerusalem from the East and said: 2 & ldquo; Where was the king of the Jews born? We saw his star in the East and came to worship him. & rdquo;

When Jesus was born, several doctors in the East saw his star, knowing that Christ had been born, and they put down all the work in their hands and came to visit Christ in particular. They passed through the wilderness, the desert & the helip; … the wind and the night, all the hardships, the mountains and the wading, the mountains and the mountains, and after about two years, finally came to Jerusalem, according to their rationality, Christ was born The palace of Jerusalem, therefore, went to the palace to ask: "Where is the king of the Jews born?" & rdquo; Rational performance helps us, and sometimes gives us the wrong guidance. For (Isaiah 55:8-9) Jehovah said: "My thoughts are not yours, and my path is not the same as your path." How 9 days is higher than the ground, so my path is higher than your path, and my thoughts are higher than your thoughts. ”

2. Where is Christ born? Matthew 2:3-4 When Herod heard it, he was troubled; and the people of Jerusalem were uneasy. 4 He summoned the chief priests and the folk scribes and asked them, “Where is Christ born?” "

The doctor unintentionally leaked the secret of Christ's birth to Herod Herod, who was upset when he heard it, fearing that the new king would bring danger to the Herod's throne, Jerusalem. People are also uneasy, they are afraid that the birth of the new king will affect their lives. Herod summoned the chief priests and the folk scribes and asked them: "Where is Christ born?" ”

3. When born in Jewish Bethlehem: Matthew 2:5-6 they replied: "In Bethlehem in Jewish. Because the prophet remembered, saying: 6 & lsquo; Bethlehem in Judah, you are not the smallest in the cities of Judah, because there will be a king to come out from you in the future to shepherd my people. ’”

“ Where is Christ born? "Dr. Do not know, Herod does not know about this question, but the priests and scribes of these scriptures are well aware: when they were born in Bethlehem in Jewish. For the prophet Micah had already predicted that Messiah was born in Bethlehem: Mic. 5:2 Bethlehem, Ephraim, you are small in the cities of Judah. In the future, one will come out of you and take power for me in Israel; his roots are from ancient times and from the beginning. Why is the small town of Bethlehem? Because Bethlehem is “granary”, Jesus is the bread of life (John 6:35), and He will give life.

4. Dr. pilgrimage: Matthew 2:7-12 At the moment, Herod secretly summoned the Ph.D. to ask when the star appeared. 8 They sent them to Bethlehem and said, "You Go carefully to find the child, find it, and come to report, I will go to worship him. & rdquo; 9 they heard the words of the king went. The star that was seen in the east suddenly went ahead of them and went straight to the place where the child was, and stopped at the top. 10 When they saw the star, they greatly rejoiced. When they entered the house and saw the child and his mother, Mary, they fell down on the child, opened the treasure box, and offered him gold, frankincense, and myrrh as gifts. Because Dr. 12 was instructed by the Lord not to go back to see Herod in his dreams, he went back to the locals from other roads.

Herod secretly summoned the Ph.D. to ask in detail when the star appeared. After that, they sent them to Bethlehem and told them to find it. They would come to report to him, and he would go to visit the shrine. Kill the little Jesus in the shackles. The doctor went according to Herod’s instructions. Following the guidance of the star, he successfully found the holy baby. They were greatly happy. They bowed down to worship the child, gave gold, frankincense, and myrrh as gifts, and then listened to the messenger. The instructions, from the other way back, gave the Holy Family the opportunity to escape.

5. The Holy Family fled to Egypt: Too 2:13-15 After they went, the messenger of the Lord appeared to Joseph's dream and said: "Get up!" With a child and his mother fled to Egypt, live there, waiting for me to tell you, because Herod will find a child, to destroy him. & rdquo; 14 Joseph got up, took the child and his mother to Egypt at night, 15 lived there until Herod died. This is to fulfill the words of the prophet, saying, "I am calling my son from Egypt." & rdquo;

As soon as the Ph.D. left, the Lord's messenger appeared to Joseph's dream, asking Joseph to flee to Egypt with his children and his mother, to avoid Herod's pursuit. Joseph listened to the words of the Lord's Messenger, and fled to the land of Egypt with his children and his mother overnight, and lived there, avoiding the pursuit of Herod, waiting for the instructions of the Lord.

6. Herod slaughter boy: Matthew 2:16-18 When Herod saw that he was fooled by a doctor, he was greatly angry. The poor man would take all the boys in the city of Bethlehem and the four places, according to him carefully to the doctor. When questioning, all those who were two years old were killed. 17 This is what the prophet Jeremiah said, and he said: 18“ In Rama, he heard the sound of crying, and Rachel cried her children, and refused to be comforted because they were not there. & rdquo;

Herod saw that he was fooled by the doctor, and immediately became angry and angry. The poor men killed all the boys in Bethlehem and all four years old in the four worlds. They became the youngest and the earliest martyrs. The old Herod's fierce confession, showing its cruelty, fulfilled the prophecy of the prophet.

III. Ethiopian Asia-Pacific prison on Jerusalem

1. The messenger commanded Lee to go south: Acts 8:26. A messenger of the Lord said to Philip: "Get up, go south. Go to the road from Jerusalem to Gaza. & rdquo; That road is wilderness.

In the early days of the church, when forced, the deacons took advantage of the city of Samaria to preach Christ, where they established churches and brought many people to baptism. When the missionary work of profiteering was in full swing, the messenger of the Lord commanded him to go south.

2. Philip met the eunuch: Acts 8:27-28 Philip went up. Unexpectedly, there is an Ethiopian (see Cush, see Isaiah 18). It is a powerful eunuch in Egypt.The Queen of the Queen of Ethiopia, the general manager of the bank, went to Jerusalem to go to Jerusalem. 28 Now come back, sit in the car and read the book of the prophet Isaiah.

Philip did not ask anything, he obeyed the messenger's instructions to go south, saw an Ethiopian than the Asia-Pacific prisoner coming back to Jerusalem, sitting in the car and reading the book of the prophet Isaiah. This Ethiopian, who seeks the truth, puts down all the work in his hands. He travels to the Temple of Jerusalem to worship God. He won the book of the game and thought it was the best. He loved it and read it in the car, even if he didn't understand it.

3. Profit to preach to the eunuch Jesus: Acts 8:29-35 The Holy Spirit said to Philip: "Let's go close to the car." & rdquo; 30 Philip went to the eunuch and heard him read the book of the prophet Isaiah, he asked him: "What you read, do you understand?" ”31 He said: "No one is teaching me, how can I understand?" ” So please enter the car and sit with him. 32 The passage he read, said: "He is like a sheep being taken to the land of slaughter, and as the lamb is silent under the shearer, he does not speak like this. 33 When he was humble, he did not judge him according to righteousness. (Where his judgment was taken away, rdquo;), who can tell his generation? Because his life was taken from the ground. ” 34 eunuch said to Philip: "Excuse me, who is the prophet saying this?" Is it pointing to yourself? Is it pointing to others? & rdquo; 35 Philip began to speak from this, and preached Jesus to him.

Philip went to the eunuch and asked him if he understood the book he was reading? The eunuch told him humbly: "No one is teaching me, how can I understand?" & rdquo; Philip went to the bus and sat with the eunuch, and preached Jesus on the Bible read by the eunuch, stating that Christ must be victimized and then raised from the dead. Hearing is the spiritual life that every believer needs. I understand a little today. I will understand tomorrow. I will know more when I build a base.

4. The eunuch was baptized and returned to the Lord: Acts 8:36-38 Two people are moving forward. When there is water, the eunuch says: "Well, there is water here, what is the hindrance of my baptism?" ? ”(There are 37 volumes in this volume;Say: ‘ If you believe in one heart, you can. & rsquo; He replied: & lsquo; I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God & rsquo;. ”) 38 So he told the station to live, and both the Philip and the eunuch went to the water, and Philip baptized him.

Too much to listen to the words of profit, the Holy Spirit opened his heart, he believed that Jesus is Christ, they are going forward, to the place where there is water, the eunuch asks to be baptized, he believes that Jesus Christ is God The son, Philip, went to the water with the eunuch and baptized him. This eunuch became the first believer in Africa.

5. The eunuch happily walked the way: Acts 8:39 came up from the water, and the Spirit of the Lord brought Philip away. The eunuch no longer saw him, and walked happily.

From the water, the Holy Spirit took Philip. The eunuch did not see profit, and walked joyfully, and the eunuch rejoiced and rejoiced because he returned to Jesus. Because God gives joy to everyone who asks for his name.

Ethiopian Asia Pacific thirst for the truth, and God gave him the truth, and he passed the gospel to Ethiopia.

Ask the Lord to let us learn from these three people, eager for the truth, pursuing the truth, and practicing the truth.

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