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Article source and network please carefully distinguish interpretation Book 2:1-21; get 1:16- 18; 1 Kings 17:8-24; Matthew 15:21-28 Confidence is borderless, and there are those who have great faith in God's electorate Israel, and who have...

Article source and network please carefully distinguish interpretation

圣经上四个大有信心的外邦女子.jpg Book 2:1-21; get 1:16- 18; 1 Kings 17:8-24; Matthew 15:21-28  Confidence is borderless, and there are those who have great faith in God's electorate Israel, and who have great faith among the Gentiles; Confidence is gender-neutral. There are people who have great confidence in men and people who have great faith in women. We will see four foreign women with great faith from the Bible.   I. Jericho's niece Raha  1. Rahab receives the spy: Book 2:1 Now, the son of Nun Joshua secretly sent two people as spies from Shiting, and said: "Let's go and peep The land and Jericho. & rdquo; So the two went, came to the home of a prostitute named Rahe, lying there. When the Israelites came to Shiting, Joshua sent two spies to spy on Jericho. Jericho’s niece, Rahab, had faith and risked his life to receive the spies and hide them on the roof. In the stalks.   2. Rahe Protected Detective: Book 2: 2-7 Someone told King Jericho: "Tonight, Israelis came here to spy on this place. ” 3 King Jericho sent a man to see Raha said: "The one who came to you and entered your home to hand over, because they came to spy on the whole land." ” 4 women will hide the two, they replied: "The man really came to me, where they came from, but I don't know." When they were dark for 5 days and they were going to close the gates, they went out. I didn’t know where to go. If you hurry to catch up, you will catch up. & rdquo; 6 (First the woman led the two on the roof, hiding them in the stalks placed there.) 7 Those people went to the crossing of the Jordan River to chase them. When the people who chased them went out, the gates were closed.   The information about the arrival of the spy was quickly known by King Jericho, and King Jericho sent a man to Rahab to catch the spy and asked her to hand over the spy. Rahe deceived his natives and said that the spies had already left. Rahab betrayed his own country and people, protected the Israeli spies, and she abandoned the dark cast.Ming, from false to true.   3. Rahab and the Detective covenant: Book 2:8-14 The two have not yet laid down, and the woman went up to the roof to them, and 9 said to them: "I know that the Lord has given this land to you, And we are all scared for your sake. All the inhabitants of this land have digested before you, 10 because we heard how the Lord made the waters of the Red Sea before you in Egypt, and how do you treat the two Amorite kings, Xihong and Hey, in the east of Jordan. Destroy them all. 11 As soon as we heard these things, our hearts digested. For your sake, no one has the courage. The Lord your God is the God of heaven and earth. 12 Now I am kind to you, please point to the Lord to swear to me, and to be kind to my father's house, and give me a real evidence, 13 to save my parents, brothers, sisters, and all who belong to them, Save our lives without dying. & rdquo; 14 two said to her: "If you do not leak us, we are willing to die for you." When the Lord gives this land to us, we will treat you with kindness and honesty. & rdquo;  Rahab told the spies the news that the heart of the Jericho digested before the Israelites, and asked the spies to give her evidence to save her family. The spies promised that they would be kind and honest.   4. Rachel let go of the spy: Book 2:15-21 So the woman used the rope to smash the two from the window, because her house is on the edge of the city wall, she also lives on the wall. 16She said to them: & ldquo; You go to the mountains, I am afraid that the people who are chasing will meet you. Hide it for three days, wait for the chasing person to come back, and then you can take your path. & rdquo; 17 two said to her: "You have to do this. Otherwise, the oath that you called us will not work with us. 18 When we came to this place, you would tie this scarlet string to the window that we are going down. And let your parents, your brothers, and your father's family gather in your home. 19 Whoever goes out of your house and goes to the street, his sin (& sin& squo; the original text & ldquo; blood & rdquo;) will be on his own head, and we have nothing to do. Anyone who is in your home, if someone starts to harm him, the sin of shed his blood will fall on our heads. 20 If you leak us, you call usThe oath that has been taken is nothing to do with us. & rdquo; 21 woman said: & ldquo; according to your words! ” So they sent them away, and tied the red thread to the window.   After Rahab and the spies made a covenant, they took them down from the window and let them go safely.   4. The spy rescue Raha: Book 6:22-25 Joshua told the two men who spoke to the ground and said: "You go into the house of the niece, according to the oath that you have given her, will the woman and her Everything is brought out from there. ”23 When the two young men of the spies went in, they brought out Rachel and her parents, brothers and all her, and all her relatives, and placed them outside the camp of Israel. 24 All the people burned the city and all of them with fire. Only the vessels of gold, silver, and brass were placed in the library of the house of the LORD. 25And Joshua saved the servant Rahab and her father's house, and all her, and saved her; because she concealed the messenger that Joshua sent to spy on Jericho, she lived in Israel until today.   When the Israelites obeyed the Word of God and conquered Jericho with faith, the spy went into the house of Rahab and saved all her life. Rahain’s letter saved the lives of himself and the whole family, and did not perish with those who did not obey.   5. Rahab ranked in the list of the great men of faith: Come to 11:31 The prostitute Rahab, because of the letter, once and peacefully received the spies, and did not perish with those who did not obey.   "Lai" 11 is called the chapter of confidence, Lahe is listed in the list of confidence.   6. Rahab was praised by the apostle Jacob: James 2:21-26 Our father Abraham offered his son Isaac on the altar, wasn't it justified by action? 22 It can be seen that faith is in parallel with his actions, and that faith is fulfilled by behavior. 23 This is what the Scriptures say: “Abraham believes in God, and this is his righteousness. ” He has to be called a friend of God. 24 It seems that people are justified by behavior, not by faith alone. 25 The prostitute Rahab received the messengers and let them go out from other roads. Isn’t the same justification for behavior? 26 The body has no soul and is dead. Confidence without action is also dead.   The apostle Jacob, in order to explain the parallelism of faith and behavior, lists two great men of faith: AbelRahan and Rahab, they not only have faith but also behavior.   7. Rahab is listed in the genealogy of Christ: Matthew 1:5a Saman is born from Rahab.   Raha was later married to the Jews of Satan, who gave birth to Boaz, Boaz was the great-grandfather of David. Rahab is listed in the genealogy of Christ.   II. Moab woman Yin Lude  1. Ruth married to Judah: 1:1-5 When the judge was in charge of politics, the country suffered a famine. In Bethlehem, Judah, a man with his wife and two sons went to Moab to live. 2 This man is called Elimele, and his wife's name is Naomi. His two sons, one named Maren, and one named Kelian, were all others in Bethlehem, Judah. When they arrived in Moab, they lived there. 3 Later, Naomi’s husband, Elimele, died, leaving the woman and her two sons. 4 These two sons married the Moab woman, a man named Russah, a man named Ruth, who lived there for about ten years. 5 Marlen and Kelian were also dead, and Naomi had no husband and no son. During the famine, the Jewish people of Elijah moved to Moab, and the Moab woman Ruth married Marion of Judah and became a member of the family of Judah. ​​However, it was not long, and Ruth’s husband died. It is. 2. Ruth followed Naomi back to Bethlehem: 1:6-18, she and two daughters got up and returned from Moab, because she heard in the land of Moab that the Lord cared for his people, and gave food and them. . 7 So she and her two daughters left the place where they lived and went back to Judah. 8 Naomi said to two children: "Let's go back to your mother's house!" May the Lord be kind to you, like you who are kind to the dead and like me. 9 May the Lord give you peace in the home of the new husband! ” So, Naomi kissed them. They cried and cried, 10 said: "Otherwise, we will go back to your home country with you." ”11 Naomi said: "My daughters, go back!" Why are you going with me? Can I still have a son as your husband? 12My daughters, go back! I am old and can no longer have a husband; that is to say, I still have hope that a husband can have children tonight, 13 can you wait for them to grow up? Can you wait for them not to marry others? My daughters, don't do this! I am very bitter for your sake, becauseThe Lord reached out and attacked me. & rdquo; 14 two children and women crying and crying, Russia and the mother-in-law kissed and kissed, but the road was reluctant to take Omi. 15 Naomi said: "Well, your nephew has gone back to her country and the god she worshipped, and you will follow your nephew." & rdquo; 16 Road has to say: "Do not remind me to go back and not follow you. Where are you going, I am going there too; where are you staying, I am also staying there; your country is my country, and your God is my God. 17 Where did you die, I died there, and I was buried there. Unless death can separate you from me, or else the Lord will punished me with heavy punishment. & rdquo; 18 When Naomi saw that Ruth was determined to follow himself, he would no longer be persuaded.   In the double suffering of losing her husband and son, Naomi decided to go back to Judah. ​​Under the persuasion of Naomi, the Russians left Russia and took Naomi back to her family, but Ruth was reluctant to take her mother. Omi, determined to follow Naomi back to Bethlehem, she is convinced that the God who cares for the people will look after her. The follow-up of Ruth is the follow-up of faith, the follow-up of self-denial, the follow-up of death.   3. Ruth picked up the wheat in the Boaz field: 2:1-3 Naomi's husband, Elimele's relatives, one named Boaz, is a big rich man. 2 Moab's woman Ruth said to Naomi: "Let me go to the field. Whoever I am, I will pick up the wheat behind me." ” Naomi said: "Daughter, you just have to go." ” 3 Road went, went to the field, picking up the wheat behind the harvested person. She happened to be in the field of Boaz in the people of Elimele.   After Ruth came to Bethlehem, he picked up the wheat ears to feed his own mother and Naomi. She happened to come to the field of Boaz, the father of the public. The Boaz and Ruth, their pastoral love was It happened here.   4. Boaz娶 Lude: Got 4:13-17 So Boaz took Ruth as his wife and was in the same room with her. The Lord made her pregnant and gave birth to a son. 14 The women said to Naomi: "The Lord should be praised, because today you have not left your relatives who have made you inaccessible." May this child have a reputation in Israel. 15 He will bring up your spirit and support your old age, because it is the woman who loves you, there are seven children here.The child is okay. & rdquo; 16 Naomi took the child in his arms as his adoptive mother. 17 The woman of the neighbor said: "Naomi got the child." ” Name the child to be Russian. This Russian is the father of Jesse, and Jesse is the father of David.   Under the active combination of the mother-in-law Naomi, according to the law of Judah, Boaz was the wife of the road, and the son of Russia was prepared. Russia is the father of Jesse, and Jesse is the father of David. . The birth of Russia, made Naomi sweet and bitter.   5. Ruth is ranked in the genealogy of Christ: 1:5b Boaz is prepared from Ruth, and Russia is prepared to have Jesse.   Ruth, the name of a Gentile woman, appears in the genealogy of Christ.   3. The nameless widow of Sallefa  1. God instructed Elijah to go to Saulfa: 1Ki 17:8-9 The word of the Lord came to him and said: 9“ You got up and went to Saarefa of Sidon ( “Salaifa & rdquo; and Luke 4:26), live there, I have commanded a widow there to support you. ”  Due to the crime of Ahab, the country of Israel experienced a three-and-a-half-year drought. Elijah was hiding by the direction of God at the Kili River on the east side of the Jordan River: avoiding the killing of Jezebel and accepting the crow supply. In the words of the LORD, Elijah went to live by the Kili River in the east of Jordan, and was trained. But after a few days, because the rain did not go down to the ground, the stream was done, and God instructed him to go to a widow of Sidon Salle and accept her support. 2. The poor widow: 1 Kings 17:10-12 Elijah got up and went to Zalfa. When I arrived at the gate, I saw a widow who was chopping wood. Elijah called her and said: "Please take some water from the utensils and give it to me." & rdquo; 11 When she went to fetch water, Elijah called her again: "Also ask for a cake to give me." & rdquo;12 She said: "I swear by the eternal life of the Lord your God, I have no bread, there is only one face in the altar, only a little oil in the bottle. I am looking for two firewoods now, going home to make a cake for me and my son. We ate, die and die! & rdquo;  Elijah listened to the Word of God, got up to Saulfa, met a poor widow: she had only one face in her family.There is only a little oil in the bottle. She is already ready to starve to death with her son. How can such a poor widow be able to feed Elijah?   3. Widow of faith: 1 Kings 17:13-15 Elijah said to her: "Don't be afraid, you can do as you said!" Just make a small pie for me, bring it to me, and then make a cake for you and your son. 14Because the Lord God of Israel says this: & lsquo; The face of the altar will not be reduced, and the oil in the bottle will not be short, until the day when the LORD brings rain to the earth. & rsquo;& rdquo; 15 women to follow the words of Elijah. She and her family, and Elijah, have eaten for many days.   Elijah comforts the widow not to be afraid, first make a cake for him, then make a cake for her and her son, and give her the promise of God. This widow of great faith walks in the words of Elijah. How much confidence is there, how big is the miracle, and God uses the widow's house to “small face in the altar, a little oil in the bottle”. Elijah and all the widows in the house until the rain fell on the ground.   4. The widow of the blessing: 1 Kings 17:16 The fruit in the altar is not reduced, and the oil in the bottle is not short, as the Lord has spoken through Elijah.   This widow, through faith, experienced the Lord Jehovah, and how blessed is a man who trusts in God.   5. Experience the miracle: After the king's 17:17-24, the woman who was the mother of her mother, her son was ill, so sick, so that there was no breath. 18 The woman said to Elijah: "God man, what am I doing with you?" Have you come to me to make God miss my sin so that my son will die? “19 Elijah said to her: & ldquo; Give your son to me. "Elias took the child from the woman's arms, took it to the building where he lived, and placed it on his bed. 20 He asked the Lord, "Look at the Lord, my God, I live in this widow." At home, will you bring disaster to her and make her son die? & Elsequo; 21 Elijah three times on the child's body, the Lord said: "Lord, my God, please make this child's soul into his body." "The Lord answered the words of Elijah, and the soul of the child is still in his body."He will live. 23 Elijah took the child upstairs and went to the house and said to his mother: "Behold, your son is alive!" "The woman said to Elijah: "Now I know that you are a man of God, and what the Lord has said through your mouth is true." ”  After the widow’s son died of illness, Elijah exercised the miracle of the resurrection of the dead: the son of the widow was resurrected.   6. Jesus praised the widow: Luke 4:25-26. I tell you the truth: When Elijah, the day was closed for three years and six months, and there was a great famine everywhere. At that time, there were many widows in Israel. 26 Elijah did not send them to one of them alone, but only went to a widow of Salem in Sidon.   Jesus loved his own hometown of Nazareth, yet they rejected him, and Jesus quoted Elijah as being told to Sidon's widow's house that “no prophet was accepted in his hometown”; this Reason, praise the widow's confidence. The Gentiles accepted the Word of God and the Jews did not accept it.   IV. The Canaanite woman praised by the Lord  1. The call of the Canaanite woman: Matthew 15:21-22 Jesus left there and retreated to the territory of Tyre and Sidon. 22A Canaanite woman came out of the place and shouted, “Lord, David's son, pity me!” My daughter is suffering from ghosts. & rdquo;  When Jesus came to the territory of Tyre and Sidon, and thought of a break there, a woman from Canaan came to call on Jesus to ask for His pity, because her daughter was bitterly attached.   2. Tolerate humiliation because of love: Matthew 15:23 Jesus did not answer a word. The disciples came in and asked him to say: "This woman is shouting behind us, please send her away!" & rdquo; 24 Jesus said: "I am sent, but to the lost sheep of the Israeli family. & rdquo; 25 that woman came to worship him, said: "Lord, help me! & rdquo; 26 He replied: "It is not good to take the children's cake and throw it to the dog." ”  In the face of the warm shouts of the woman, Jesus did not answer, and silenced. When the disciples heard the woman’s annoyance, they asked JesusSend her away! Jesus said that the scope of His work is Israel, not Gentiles. When the woman came to Jesus to worship Jesus and ask for his help, Jesus said something that was hard to hear: “It’s not good to take the children’s cake and throw it at the dog. ” The woman endured humiliation because of her love for her daughter.   3. The slag is enough: too 15:27 woman said: "Lord, yes, but the dog also eats the slag that fell on the owner's table. ”  In the face of Jesus, "indifferent," the woman answered her with confidence: "Lord, yes, but the dog also eats the slag that falls from his master's desk." & rdquo; The woman admits that she is a dog, not worthy of enjoying the cake on the owner's table, but can give some slag, it is enough. What a big confidence this is.   4. The effect of faith: Matthew 15:28 Jesus said: & ldquo; Woman, your faith is great, according to what you want, to complete it for you! ” From then on, her daughter would be fine.  

Faced with the woman's faith, Jesus praised her for her great faith, and fulfilled her as she wanted, and her daughter was ready.  

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